Project name:

Flash to Ilda Converter

Project description:

A client who creates huge lasershows had the opportunity to work for the Electric Mountain Festival Sölden 2012, where a lot of animated content was needed, not your usual lasershow. To solve that they hired artists who created the animations in flash. The need arose to create a converter between Flash and the laser display format ILDA. At this moment it was quite time critical, so a solution had to be implemented in few days.

Technical Details

To get from flash to a easier readable format, wallaby by adobe was used to write a number of svg files for each frame of the animation.

The actual conversion and concatenation of the svg files was done in C#, using a WPF Canvas for preview. Additional Optimization of line-paths was implemented as a post-processing step. The project had to be working over a weekend.

You can find the actual ILDA format specification here.