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Augmented Reality Interior Design

Prototype for an augmented reality furniture placement done over a weekend. Using Vuforia user-defined markers with extended tracking it was quite a breeze to implement. Unity3d as 3d-engine and for […]

Augmented Reality Mini-Car-Racing

Overview The main idea was to use augmented reality as a way to define a race-course for a cartoon racing game. Each marker defines a race-track part, which get automatically […]

Flash to Ilda Converter

A client who creates huge lasershows had the opportunity to work for the Electric Mountain Festival Sölden 2012, where a lot of animated content was needed, not your usual lasershow. […]

Electricseed – Talking Skeleton

This is the possibility for yourself to live and share your undead dreams. Set up a scene, get talking and interacting with your 3d-skeleton avatar. Talk and he will repeat […]

Electricseed – Mood Scanner

Test your friends and be the centre of the party! This is the most sophisticated and high-techy, as well as graphically polished mood scanner on the market! Technical Details Implementation […]

Undead Zombie Invasion

Zombies and undead everywhere, skeletons walking beneath demons, the gates of hell have opened! Be the hero in your own fantasy epic adventure and stand up against them. Grow with […]

Gravitometer – Water Level

A unique and well designed professional multi-purpose bubble meter for your android phone. Using the accelerometer built in your device this app enables you to measure angles in all directions, […]

ElectricSeed – Jungle LWP

Enjoy this phantastic Jungle Live Wallpaper on your phone Great ambience with exciting handcrafted graphics. Using cutting edge game engine for great performance and low power consumptions. This Live Wallpaper […]

Traffic-Info Austria

Traffic information viewer for austria. Using a third party data feed to show problem areas in list-overview and directly in the map. Technical Details Implementation done directly in Android Reverse […]

ElectricSeed – Winter Snow LWP

This is an interactive Live Wallpaper featuring a beautiful winter landscape with nice parallax moving layers, gentle falling snow flakes, day/night cycles, swaying trees as well as Christmas lights and […]